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Endless Pool Swimming Machine

Mesin Endless Pool merupakan generasi mesin renang yang dikembangkan oleh  dengan teknologi terkini. Hal ini dapat digunakan dalam berbagai jenis renang
kolam renang untuk mewujudkan renang tanpa batas dengan kolam yang tidak luas. Pemasangan sangat mudah dan tidak ribet


  • Easy installation. The wall is hung on the wall of
    the pool. It only needs 4 fixing screws and 2 workers
    can complete the installation in 20 minutes. There is
    no need to drain the pool water during installation.
  • Simple operation. The control panel can be
    connected with mobile phone operation and watch
    control. Simple and convenient.
  •  The water is smooth and strong. The design has
    eight optional speeds for swimmers to choose from.
    Swimmers can choose different gears according to
    their swimming level. The outlet of 630mm is
    designed with a guide device to ensure smooth and
    powerful water flow.
  • Use safely. The device is equipped with a
    low-voltage DC drive to provide safety for swimming

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